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Pc Doesn't Like Anti Virus.

PC does not recognize bluetooth devices

Pc doesn't respond

PC Disaster Highlights

PC doesn't shutdown anymore.

PC fails to load 9/10 times and fails to update

PC freeze and error message

pc freezes and BSOD

PC freeze ups. even after re-install of windows 7

PC freezes and then reboot

PC freezes sometimes

PC freezes when clicking on desktop icon for.

PC Freezes with no BSOD

PC freezing and resetting

PC freezing on second startup for the day

PC gets stuck on startup. (Windows 10)

pc hangs all the time

PC hangs on normal login

PC Hard Lockup - No errors/logs

PC Hang-Ups

Pc is sick.log reports posted below.please help

PC is running slow. Internet is UNSTABLE

Pc Keeps Defaulting To 1024 X 768 Resolution

PC keeps freezing and I don't know what's wrong

PC keeps freezing even after clean install atempts

PC Latency Spikes - Sound/Video Stutter

Pc Locks Up And Hangs When User Tries To Login

Pc Not Saving Programs

PC problem.10 days old

PC randomly freezing without error message

Pc Randomly Restarts When Idle

PC reboots by itself

Pc Restarted Unexpectidly

Pc Restarting Or Hang

PC Restarting Since Windows 10

Pc Restarts Itself At Random Moments Please Help

Pc Running Slow/ All Audio/video Files Skipping

Pc Shut Down By Windows

PC Shutdown problem

Pc Reboot And Various Codes

PC slow on start up and C:/ drive suddenly used all its storage.

Pc Slow To Turn Off

PC sometimes freezes

PC started to act strange after updating to latest java.

Pc Totally Down

PC uses high amount of bandwidth

PC unusable after trying to reinstall Windows

pc wont allow dowload software or use anti spy tools

PC with windows 10 hangs from time to time

PC won't boot all the way after Windows update. keeps shutting down

PC won't boot after Norton Internet Security restart?

PC wont boot up. BLue screen with IRQL_NOT_LESS_or_ EQUAl

PC won't hibernate

PCKeeper Popup

Performance issues with Incredimail

Periodic odd problems with startup

Permanent Disappearences Of Taskbar Arrow

Permanent Repair To Windows Store Sought

Permissions HELP - I am Admin but I dont have any permissions

Persistent Blue Screen Crashes

Persistent issue with my Windows 64 bit system

Persistent Lag and Hanging on New Build

Pesky Cd/dvd Burner Won't 'burn'

PhotoGallery problem

Physical Memory increases to 98% over a few days

physical memory not detected

Physical Memory running over 90% and White Screen

Pics Saved To Desktop Won't Open.

Ping and ipconfig don't work

Ping blocked after update to Windows 10

place run back on start menu

Planning to Upgrade to Windows 7

Playback Device Jumps From One Source To The Other

Please Help - Computer Has Slowed To A Crawl

Please help - frequent/constant Windows asterisk noise

Please Help - Is Registry Error An Infection? Or Something Else? Or Nothing?

Please Help A Somewhat New User

Please help Even my admin rights wont work

Please Help HIGH CPU Usage and RAM Usage 100% While Im Doing Nothing

Please Help Hidden/Missing Files

PLEASE help me DEBUG my memory-dumping PC

Please help me figure out why my computer crashed

Keyboard Caps Lock Alarm ?

keyboard won't install after power fail

Laptop Install Problem

Laptop randomly restarts

Logon screen/Password

Major Problems Several Programs Wont Work Anymore

Malware disables all security software

Malware/adware Infected Help Pop-ups Everywhere

Memory - what is using 5 GB?

Microsoft automatically rebooting my system

Microsoft Office Problem

Microsoft has no plans to support Media Center with Windows 10

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 worst problem

Minimizing Games

Most of my programs are gone

Mouse Disappears and freezes

Multiple stability problems with laptop

My (my Documents) Folder Thinks It's A Music Folder

My Documents folder and contents has disappeared

my laptop randomly restarts approx 1 x week - Windows 10

Need help with BSOD Dumpfiles.

Network and Sharing Center keep loading and blank

New install problems.

New problem AVG

Nothing but a blue screen-I have destroyed my desktop

Now have Windows 10 on my desktop

Now can't turn on Windows Automatic Updates

Now I find out.Fujitsu not recommending Windows 10

nvstor.sys BSOD

One Care Firewall Will Not Stay Activated

PC Crashing

PC hasnt been the same since virus removal months ago (slow)

PC won't boot to re install Windows

Persistent Crazymaking Problem with Windows Explorer

Playback Devices Constantly Change

Please Help - Bad files/programs will not open when icons clicked

Please help memy laptop got messed up after using Adwcleaner inproperly.

Please Help None of my programs will start -- Thank you.

Please help nvstor.sys BSOD

Please help solve my browser problem. slow.

Please help to fix this strange issue

Please Help Windows Update will not run and A lot of Popups

Please help--terrible computer problem

PLS help computer very slow

Plug in nic then shutdown popup

Poor Performance - Firefox Won't Run; Dell Home PC Problem

Poor Performance And Bad Audio Playback

Pop up windows & malware & addware

pop ups windows update out and attaching any log to this doesn't work

Popup Issue Even after scan from ESET Smart Security

Pop-up No firewall is turned on.

Popup sounds no window

Pop-ups & high virtual memory warnings

Popups And Loosing Taskbar

Popups And Tasbar Disapearing. Windows Vista

Possible Botnet on Win 7 sp1 computer

possible conflicts between programs? or possible trojan

Possible Problems With Zonealarm And/or Avs

Possible registry issue

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