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PLEASE HELP Network Discovery Keeps Shutting Off And Cannot Leave Homegroup

Turn on each device and join the new homegroup5. Hey presto, all sorted. . . People on other computers must authenticate themselves using the user account you shared folders and devices with. You made my day!

I've disabled my firewall on both computers and nothing. Now , however , if i connect the 2 pc's using a HUB , then , everything works fine and homegroup is created successfully without any problem . Is there a link for instructions on how to use the HDD on the REvo to store some files? Argi says: 5 years ago Hello HelpDeskGeek, after following your guidelines forwards and backwards for several weeks and reading several other guides around the internet I am still unable to connect

Looking at the network map, both computers are there. Click on it and the appropriate window will open. Both are connected wirelessly through an Ericson hub that also provides my internet. It's funny that the 32 bit version works but the 64 bit one doesn't.

If you have an Xbox console in your network you can easily stream your libraries to it. I've done everything this guide recommended and nothing. To change your "full computer name": - right click on "Computer" - select "Properties" - Under "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" click "Change Settings" (requires admin rights) - Click the At the end of this lesson you will know how to configure the network profile and the network sharing settings so that you turn on only the features that you need

now on my desktop the wifi card is set to my home network the wired router conection is set to a unidentified connection and will not let me change this. The problem persists on multiple computers. is it possible that using a tether line and bridging, windows read it as a non-home network Timothy Oakes says: 5 years ago I just bought an Acer laptop and I You can check to see if IPv6 is enabled on your computer, click on Start and type in Network into the search box.

Sheila says: 5 years ago Hello, Thank you these tips helped solve the problem. This is fine if your network includes mostly Windows computers and devices and if they use recent versions like Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. mdeboard says: 7 years ago I was cruising along with Homegroup until I downloaded AVGFree onto my new Dell desktop. Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (0) Collapse - Ghosts can't hurt you.

My wired desktop Windows 7 can not join a Homegroup, yet I can exchange files with the other computers. The router controls the tunneling through the Dialer Protocol. 5. DWQuinn says: 6 years ago I have a desktop and two laptops running Windows 7. Also, sometimes you will be asked to be certain if you want to do something or you will be asked to go up a level in clearance to do something.

On the desktop I was starting to have unusual problem with the network, home groups and hard drive. I had homegroup working just fine. What's happening is that the 3 computers with no issues can see my 1 computer just fine as well as each other, but the one computer can not see any other Peter Ilyk says: 5 years ago Steve This is exactly my problem - were you ever able to solve this?

How to Change the Network Location in Windows 8.x The procedure for changing the network location in Windows 8.1 is very different than in Windows 7. can you tell me the other solution you found? Paul says: 5 years ago I have the same issue - did you ever fix this? I cant seem to find a program called "Windows Live Assignment" on my PC.

Click here to Register a free account now! Needless to say, the Windows troubleshooter couldn't find a problem on either computer. Sandpit70 says: 6 years ago I have a desktop and netbook, both with Windows7.

Computers or devices with a different operating system will be able to access what you are sharing only if they authenticate using a user account and password that is allowed to

How do I change that setting again? says: 6 years ago My laptop will not connect to the other two computers on my network no matter what we do. Changing the Default Sharing Settings As we mentioned earlier, these settings are displayed in a different order, depending on the Windows version you are using. File sharing connections Not many people know that file sharing connections are encrypted by Windows.

Hence i didn't have the required P2P service available. BigManJediKnight says: 7 years ago I have tried all that i could to get my home group to work and it won't. Thanks janrdoh, BUT how do I find the password? i have posted on several public webpages and no one has been able to help.

I'm trying to connect through my 2WIRE router from AT&T, is that the problem? I have checked all of the IPv6 settings, assigned static IP addresses for the connected devices, re-applied all of the sharing settings for each folder.