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PC freezing/Windows Update failing/Anti-Virus disabling

PC Hacked?

PC has been compromised

Pc Has Been Taken Over

PC has been hijacked

pc has been invaded threw my network connection

PC itself shutdown

pc keeps cutting off

PC rebooting itself/ screen turning off. Need help.

PC slower by the day Have I been jacked?

Person i know hacking my computer

Personal Protector hijacking a work computer


Please Help - Something Has Taken Over My Computer

Please Help - Whats Wrong With My Comp?

Please Help Computer Being Taken Over

Please Help I Dont Know What Is Going On With My Pc

Please Help Me Find What Wrong With My Computer.

microsoft updates killing my computer

Music Coming From Speakers Mysteriously

My Computer Folder Pop Up BAD WORDS HERE :0(

my computer has been taken hostage by ?

My Computer has gone crazy

My computer is acting weird (HJT Log)

My Computer Has Bogged Down

My computer has google redirect virus and winlogon.exe Error

My Computer Is Hijacked.

my computer is indeed infected with pos tmp files

My computer is infected. Hijacked log

My Computer Is Infected. Please Help. W32.bacalid

my computer is sending something and need help ASAP

My computer is very slow-possible infection-newbie forum user

My Computer with windows 7 gives me strange messages at start up

Need Help Figuring Out What's Wrong With My Computer

Need Help Tried cleaning up my computer- running very slow with lots of problems.

Please Help My computer may have been hacked

Please Help With My Virus

Possible hijacked computer

Possible Malware Oon My Computer Please See This Hjt Log

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