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press Things happen around here, and we like to brag! 2016 Dec 2, 2016 New Restobar partners in Calgary, Autumn 2016 Nov 25, 2016 New Restobar partners in Quebec, Autumn 2016 All rights reserved. All rights reserved. All rights reserved.

Big time. In other words, we really like to win things: it makes our mothers swell with pride.Our greatest regret?We would have loved to invent cute cat videos. #noshameOur dream destination?The moon. Instagram If it’s not on IG, it didn’t happen. © 2017 Newad inc. Take your campaign to the next level by adding decals, mirrors, magnets, and devices of many kinds.

Whether it be a door, a wall, passive sampling, domination (the friendly kind) of an environment or any other initiative, nothing is out of reach! Taylor Swift might even make an appearance (or not). Read More → Feb 20, 2013 Business Automobile Marketing for The Young and Affluent We are what we drive, or so we’re told (and sold). Its uses go beyond simple transportation as automobiles also reflect the personality of their owner, are a source of unique experiences (just think road trips !), an accessory to happy times...

Plus, we were suffering from serious poutine withdrawal and our long distance charges were getting out of hand.2000We survive the Y2K bug, celebrate being alive and open offices in Calgary and In 2000 Michael was named president and by 2010 he made acquaintance with three meaningful letters (C.E.O). In such moments, we stick to a simple script: Newad is a media company that has proven to be particularly skilled at reaching influential adults aged 18 to 49 through indoor Want more?

Calgary Sales Account Executive, Indoor Advertising Reporting to the Director, Sales – Western Canada, this position consists in selling indoor advertising space,... See All → Marketing Montreal Coordinator, Marketing & Communications For more information about this position, please refer to the French of our website. Tech The Mobile Generation We tend to trust the people we click with—our friends and friends of friends, our social networks, both real and virtual. If you’re feeling lonely, however, and are looking for someone to talk to, well, in that case, we might not be your best bet, but good luck with that.

In hip hop culture, whole rhymes are built around the names of luxury cars. By creating the illusion of depth and movement when viewed from different angles, this technology makes it possible to obtain 3D effects, without the funky glasses. We could also mention creativity, strategy and innovation, but you’ve surely heard it all before.

Previous Next Discover our Networks 40,000 advertising faces and 75 million impressions each week is no All rights reserved.

And given that we openly share all that’s going on, that sort of gives you the right to snoop around. Feb 25, 2013 Consolidation of its position as a nationwide leader in digital signage: Newad Signs an Exclusivity Agreement with Canlan Ice... We thus felt it important to devote a small section of the site to all those delightful press releases full of five-syllable words. The target?

These are all great reasons to go on a holiday; just ask the Young & Affluent (Y&A)! Whether it’s on continuously or activated by a motion sensor, you can achieve your wildest dreams. 35,600 Ad faces 47.2 M Weekly Impressions Available Networks Restobar Campus Arena Backlit Backlit It’s Bonus: they offer precise segmentation: men on one side and women on the other! Told you it wasn’t too shabby.

Restobar 25,000 Ad faces 4,100 Locations Campus 11,700 Ad faces 575 Locations Business 400 Ad faces 75 Locations Arena 2,900 Ad faces 250 Locations © 2017 Newad inc. After all, if you don’t shoot at the net, you’ll never score, am I right? 100 Ad faces 0.9 M Weekly Impressions Available Network Arena Campus Digital Campus Digital This high-resolution While we might not have a climbing wall or an ice cream bar, we know a thing or two about happy hours and we have a dream team that will knock Read More → Aug 16, 2012 Culture Alcohol Consumption, in Numbers!

Then, in February 2013, Newad announced an exclusive representation agreement for all advertising formats (including 100 digital screens) to be used in Canadian locations of Canlan Ice Sports Corp., the largest MTL TO VAN CGY EDM MONC QC 4200Saint-Laurent blvdSuite 1440Montreal,QCH2W 2R2 T 514.278.3222 F 514.278.8306 Toll free 1.866.899.6685 312 Adelaide St WSuite 402Toronto, ONM5V 1R2 T 416.361.3393 F 416.361.0939 Toll free Privacy Policy The fast track Networks Products Features Press Careers About Contact When do we meet?

All rights reserved.

  • This represents 29.7 million hectolitres in volume, which is the equivalent of 1,200 Olympic-size pools!
  • They’re impossible to miss, both for spectators and players (especially during body-checks). 200 Ad faces 1.5 M Weekly Impressions Available Network Arena Ice Resurfacer Ice Resurfacer The Ice-Resurfacer is the secret
  • This is where you can start your new life.
  • All rights reserved.
  • Your ad has a greater impact and the sound is like music to their ears.

Privacy Policy The fast track Networks Products Features Press Careers About Contact When do we meet? Like everyone else, this is where we brag about being the best at indoor advertising in Canada. It’s 20 by 10 feet of glorious visibility that's waiting for you in the Arena network. 150 Ad faces 0.7 M Weekly Impressions Available Network Arena Self-Standing Banner Self-Standing Banner It might Available Network Campus Classic Lenticular Campaign Lenticular Campaign THE LENTICULAR BOARD Luminescent Campaign THE LUMINESCENT BOARD Classic Without holding them captive, our classics are sure to captivate the target audience.

As it stands, the power of OOH advertising is still alive and (very) well. #HereToStayWhy indoor advertising?Because indoor advertising is a non-intrusive media.On the contrary, it’s actually quite well-mannered and a When we buy a car, we’re not just shopping for a way to get from point A to point B ; we’re acquiring an identity. The digital world is great and all but people still have to leave their homes (Think: groceries, meetings, life!). We have everything to make an impact where it matters.

Available Networks Restobar Campus Business Arena © 2017 Newad inc.