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could that be true? Checked Norton AV options/instant messenger. Do not make any changes in the registry. MB Communications process, required by many Windows components.

but msmsgs.exe is working.. If msmsgs.exe is in your Windows/system32 folder (for xp) then yes you probably have a virus - check this out for yourselves at Symantec (Noton) - It is also NOT the This is the real messenger, but it looks that Micorsoft use it to track every User of windows. If you have msmsgsr.exe running in your task manager or any other varient such as MSMSGS.exe with CAPITALS then this will also be a virus sam..l (Sydney) I found the process

Use MSN Messenger. See also: Link kyler msmsgs it.s a virus(well part of a virus) if u get msmsgs u can easly get virut infection and once u get virut(rootkit) format is the only There are many malwares that hide as this program (is a fake program) It is supposedly necessary to run certain programs, including the messenger itself. i detect it when i end process tree msmsgs.exe..

It tried to go on even though I didn't have it set under tools to start at windows startup, and if you end the process from taskmanager, you would see it Not MSN Messenger. SECURITY ADVICE: if RDP not used turn Remote off (Control Panel - System - Remote) and disable Windows Messenger. author is Eternal order of the impossible triangle,I agree with jamie,think it has something to do with winmx.

If you don't use Windows Messenger, this can be annoying. charter used for windows messanger youre all a bunch of douches, i just want to know how to get rid of that virus sent to me over msn messanger which i You may see similiar program names running if spyware or adware is on your computer, for example, msmsgs.exe may be slightly misspelled to keep you from finding it, or spyware and You can go to Norton Anti Virus Options Instant messaging and uncheck Windows messenger and it will dissapear.

And even after ending this process, it again re-starts after some time. Make sure the file is not misspelled as spyware writers use similiar spelling on various known spyware modules! By downloading any of provided Anti-spyware software you agree with our Privacy Policy and Agreement of Use. How to recognize suspicious variants?

  1. rod Does any one know what 's wrong with this.
  2. In regard to it being an old version of MSN Messenger, maybe for some.
  3. After saving these settings MSN messenger removed the entry "c:\program files\messenger\msmsgs.exe /background" from my registry.
  4. My current Messenger folder is 'MSN Messenger', so it's definitely an old version we're talking about.
  5. Is there a known msmsgs.exe error?
  6. dont know why people always get these two programs mixed up mykeeX Micheal figured out my problem.
  7. Watch out!
  8. Go to start up tab and disable it from starting on computer boot.

geer after unchecking the scan option from Norton AV msmsgs.exe stops running forever. Also, windows messager (not MSN) is services.exe, least on win2k. i used to to do port blocks using NIS2005 but it keeps on using different ports all the time. THANK YOU rvoltaire!

This Trojan opens up your Windows security. Chris I think it's a backdoor messenger service for system administrators to communicate with networked computers such as in a large office. Stephen Huff It isn't MSN. Note: The msmsgs.exe file is located in the folder C:\Program Files\Messenger.

Isaac there is a new virus using the name "msmsgs.exe" because you THINK its a normal executable. As the fokes here already told, after you disable messenger as the following link provides, make sure you turn off Instant Messenger Scanning in your Norton Antivirus. Generated Thu, 26 Jan 2017 00:14:24 GMT by s_hp107 (squid/3.5.23) It had been replaced by a trojan with the same name.

You also need to go into Windows Live Messenger and go into options and turn off the autoload on Windows Startup and also to run in background. though it doesnt seem to work without it. Remember, knowledge is the most powerful weapon.

cyberblob WOW, syrynxx!!

read press mentions┬╗ Alternate Software Alternate Software • Plumbytes Download | review | tutorial • Malwarebytes Anti Malware Download | review • Hitman Pro Download | review • Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus See also: Link mykeeX its is indeed for the basic windows messenger, "Techie" was so so so wrong and doesnt deserve to call himself a techie for saying its the windows Do I need it?00AdAway.dll information information10taskeng.exe information information60services.exe info info00File File IELowutil.exe definition definitionSubscribePlease enter your e-mail address: If you do not want to receive our spyware newsletter please unsubscribe here19430 Whether or not you need to run this program on startup must be decided by you.

Usually msmsgs.exe just sits quietly taking up 0% of CPU time, but every now and then it ups and consumes about 50%-ish of CPU time, so that my computer runs hot The whole dll thing. If I re-enable it, it appears again. Login now.

MSN Messenger is seperate from the OS and can be shut down fully or started up whenever you want. Hard to find, Explorer Search & CMD: dir doesn't find msmsgs.exe. The the shutdown hang and have to turn the computer of manually. My system is lonely for CPU action.

Joe.voo I suddenly got lag playing everquest resulting in my toon getting killed and when I logged out and checked processes running this file was one of the major memory users Windows Messenger is an internal Corporate/Medium Business application that works much like MSN does, but requires Active Directory and an Email server to work See also: Link Snappa Show all 261