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But there's a bug inside which brings up the problem. Michael It causes shutdown, spreads in the network and generates a huge traffic. Aamir Lsass.exe ís obviously a windows process. The file size is 24,724bytes.

Press the ENTER key. Virus removal information can help determining whether you're dealing wtih fake lsass.exe or not. It generates the process responsible for authenticating users for the Winlogon service. because not securty all files palani.s its reboot the ststems with in 1 min ramesh_2k12000 it will reboot my pc unexpectedly and randomly,without any special reason santiago Very annoying...

See also: Link ..:: AvIzOnE™ ::.. Predominantly, the malicious process is named isass.exe (Isass.exe = bad) which looks similar to Lsass.exe (lsass.exe = good). Always remember to perform periodic backups, or at least to set restore points. But it sure seems like it's taking up alot of processor power.

Delete it and all other files in C:\Windows\system32\ or else your computer will spread viruses everywhere. Not much inf. Very dangerous virus no matter what anyone says. if u r adminstrator of the computer Iftikhar aziz Don't confuses Isass.exe with Lsass.exe, under the right font they look the same. "I" is the virus "L" is a real system

Can be fixed by updating windows Borz Sergiu we have experienced this issue in win XP, for the temporary solution, we give shutdown -a in the cmd prompt, how to troubleshoot well its actually 'lsass.exe' and 'Isass.exe'. You can disable the shutdown by running services,msc from the run option in start menu, selecting Remote procedure call, and selecting the recovery tab, and setting all of the boxes to Continued It worked for me.

I did what I was told to at the site that I have linked and my system is functioning normally again. Click here to run a free registry scan now.Warning: Multiple instances of LSASS may be running on your pc at one time. Aamir Lsass.exe ís obviously a windows process. vbnmgjk as fromt the top of the page here :-- lsass.exe" is the Local Security Authentication Server.

Knute Its dangerous when you got a blaster worm, when ever you go to the internet lsass initializes a shutdown of your computer. ph Symantec did not see anything weird. How can I stop it? And you cant say Isass is suceptable to viruses because every file no just system files are prone to virus attacks, so get over it.

I'm very engry. explorer.exe) Recommended by: Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Site Map Copyright © Uniblue Systems Limited 2007. Just check the location of the file. Sometimes i can set task priority to LOW (that helps), but most times i get an "access denied".

  1. Could there be some form of Hack that is creating this problem.
  2. DutchKid i have reformated my computer 4 times and still have the same problem Jesse The virus file (lsass.exe) has been cunningly and brilliantly disguised as the system file (lsass.exe).
  3. Norton, McAfee,
  4. It does say that the virus causes the computer to reboot by crashing the lsass.exe process.
  5. My problem is that whenever I start MSN it will terminate wityh status code 128.
  6. Safe, but...uses more resources than my anti virus while scanning.
  7. Click to Run a Free Scan for lsass.exe related errors Lsass.exe file information Lsass.exe process in Windows TaskManager The process known as LSA Shell (Export Version) or Local Security Authority Process

The software starts when Windows starts (see Registry key: MACHINE\Run, Run, Winlogon\Shell, Userinit, exefile, User Shell Folders, MACHINE\RunOnceEx, win.ini, MACHINE\RunOnce, MACHINE\User Shell Folders, RunOnce, DEFAULT\Run). kindly pull off the lan cable first.. Ryan it is not a virus or any. capslock it just restart my pc again and again faiz the great Use protection, then you will avoid diseases!

Rohit if lsass.exe can provide a shutdown im not so sure. so i am not in a position to use net. Lsass.exe is able to record keyboard and mouse inputs, monitor applications, manipulate other programs and hide itself.

emmanuel This file is not the problem, the problem is a worm that has infected your computer.

It random shuts down the PC which causes loss of valuable data. if your computer begind to shutdown go to run then c computer go pzffffff when it turn off See also: Link it doesnt make the computer to boot See also: Link Rogelio it is from Microsoft. i have just reformatted my PC but still having the same problem Buto Man For 2 weeks i try to fix it.

If lsass.exe is located in the user's "Documents" folder, the security rating is 64% dangerous. A timer is lauch at this moment and you have 1 minute to find something. 1 solution is to fdisk /mbr because if you try to format c:, the worm still Its not a virus. Its definitely a dangerous virus.Make sure to stay away from this harmful virus.It is definitely a virus only as no system file will ask you to shutdown abruptly within secs again

It is not to be confused with the worm, which looks the same.